Nails, Hands and Feet

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  • Brazzcare Disposable Pedicure Kit – Boots


    Today in the best salons of Brazil and Europe, the vanguard of Gloves and Sneakers Emolientes Brazzcare translates the latest…

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  • Brazzcare Disposable manicure Kit – Gloves


    Today in the best salons of Brazil and Europe, the vanguard of Gloves and Sneakers Emolientes brazzcare translates the latest…

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  • Kimono descartável TNT


    Kimono descartável em TNT.

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  • Base / Top Coat Gel Polish 2 in 1 Andreia Profissional


    Base / Top coat Gel Polish Andreia Profissional 2 in 1. Very shiny, produces an excellent adhesion and a hard…

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  • Primer Ultrabond Gel Polish Andreia Profissional


    Primer Gel Polish Andreia Profissional. For nail preparation, before the Base/Top Coat application. Application method: Use a white buffer to…

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  • Hybrid Nail Polish Andreia Profissional Gel effect (84 colors) 10,5ml


    Hybrid Gel Range Andreia Profissional. Andreia Professional combined the best of two worlds, the features of the Gel Polish with…

  • Ready-to-use disinfectant spray Barbicide 960ml


    Barbicide Disinfectant Spray is in compliance with European standards EN 14561, EN 14562 and 14476 EN. Combat germs, fungi and…

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  • Nail Lamp UV Light 9W Ricki Parodi


    Ricki Parodi Digital UV Catalyst Lamp 9W. Ideal for the following catalysts: UV Lamp 36W Ricki Parodi EvoUV Ricki Parodi…

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  • Cleanser Gel Polish Andreia Profissional (all sizes)

    From: 2.83

    Cleanser Gel Polish Andreia Profissional. Finalizer to wipe the tacky layer on the nail and edges. Application method: Use before…

  • Liquid disinfectant Barbicide Concentrate 480ml


    Barbicide concentrate is a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant for aesthetics and hairdressing tools and surfaces. Wide and versatile spectrum…

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  • Gel Polish Remover Andreia Profissional (All sizes)

    From: 2.98

    Gel Polish remover Andreia Profissional. Removes the gel polish without harming the nail and cuticles. Removing method: With a buffer…

  • Nail Polish Andreia Profissional 10,5ml (all colors)


    Andreia Professional Nail Polish in 14ml & pocket format (10.5 ml) counts with more than 90 Shades, from sparkly to…