Dipping Powder

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  • Color Dipping powder Andreia (18 colors)


    Color dipping powder Andreia Professional. With 18 colors available. Application Instructions: Click here Packing with 10g.

  • Super Shine Buffer dipping Powder Andreia


    Super Shine Buffer dipping powder Andreia Profissional. With 2 sides, 800/4000, eliminates irregularities, evens the nail and gives extra shine. With…

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  • Container French Manicure Immersion Powder Inocos Dipping powder


    Container French Manicure Immersion Powder Inocos Dipping powder Method of application: Place the white tip dip into the vessel up…

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  • Dipping powder remover Andreia

    From: 4.18

    Liquid for Dipping powder removal Andreia Profissional. It makes it simple and easy to remove. Application method: Clique aqui Package…

  • French manicure case Dipping powder Andreia


    Ergonomic container for French manicure with Dipping powder Andreia Profissional dipping powder. It allows the construction of the desired curve…

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  • Top Coat Dipping Powder Andreia


    Top Coat Dipping Powder Andreia. Top Coat with a glossy finish, provides protection, durability and extra shine. Application method: Click…

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  • Brush Cleanser Dipping Powder Andreia


    Liquid for cleaning dipping powder brushes Andreia Profissional. It dissolves the residues keeping the brushes clean, soft and flexible. Application method:…

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  • Activator Dipping powderAndreia


    Activador dipping powder Andreia Profissional. It promotes the fusion of the powder with the Base, creating a uniform, resistant and…

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  • Basecoat Dipping Powder Andreia


    Dipping powder adhesion base coat dipping powder  Andreia Profissional. Dipping powder adhesion base coat; specially formulated to provide durability and…

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  • Dipping Powder KIT Andreia


    Andreia Profissional dipping powder Kit. This Kit includes: Dipping Powder 1. Base Dipping Powder 2. Activator Dipping Powder 3. Top Coat…

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  • Builder Dipping Powder Andreia (5 colors)


    Professional dipping powder Andreia Professional. With 5 colors available: Transparent Milky white Milky pink White Cover pink Application Instructions: Click…

  • Dipping powder Remover 500ml Inocos


    Dipping powder remover INOCOS. Packing with 500ml. Method of application: Manicure - Make a complete manicure and apply the Cuticle…

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